Green jobs in Africa

This course is part of a broader ILO effort to meet the learning needs expressed by its constituents. Its ultimate objective is to enable participants to provide meaningful input into national debate and policy-making on the social and labour dimensions of climate change.

Country: KENYA

Region: Africa

The focus is on the labour market implications of environmental and economic policies, especially for employment assessment, job creation, skills development and working conditions.

The course has four modules: (i) introduction to green jobs; (ii) climate change adaptation and employment creation; (iii) green growth and the labour market; (iv) a “just transition” to a low-carbon economy; (v) strategies for green jobs.

The knowledge required for a sound understanding of basic concepts is shared, and relevant policy frameworks are analysed.

Target audience: ILO constituents (government and social partner representatives) from 10 selected English-speaking African countries.


  • a one-week on-line induction module;
  • a one-week face-to-face course using a participatory learning approach;
  • a follow-up phase of two weeks.

Partners: ILO Geneva; ILO Regional Office for Africa, Addis Ababa; United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Link: http://greenjobs.itcilo.org

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