Rural Youth Enterprise for Food Security Programme - value chain development training programme

Country: ZAMBIA

Region: Africa

Year of implementation: 2014

Country of implementation: Africa - Zambia + e-campus


Institutional partners involved: UN Joint Programme on ‘Decent Jobs and Improved Food Security’

Target audience: national organizations involved in the design and implementation of value chain development interventions, SME development and youth employment promotion in Zambia.

Activity type: distance development of training material + f2f course + e-campus

  Brief description of the activity or project:

 The project is part of the Inception Phase of the Programme on ‘Decent Jobs for Youth and Improved Food Security through Development of Sustainable Rural Enterprises’ and contributed to Programme Outcome 3: ‘Strengthened supply, and increased demand for value chain specific and product specific MSME support services geared towards young entrepreneurs’. The project facilitated the provision of training and coaching interventions to assist the Rural Youth Employment Programme stakeholders to better understand the concept of value chain development, to explore international good practice in this area and to apply business value chain and market development interventions that promote youth employment creation.




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