Trade Union Training in Organizing and Decent Work for Migrant Workers, for the Federation of Trade Unions of Myanmar - FTUB

Strengthening workers’ organizations and promoting decent work for migrant workers are among the main priorities of the ILO.

Country: MYANMAR

Region: Asia and the Pacific

Deteriorating political and economic conditions in Myanmar have forced a large number of its people to migrate and to work in other countries. However, Myanmar workers in exile often find themselves exploited in the host countries. Ensuring social protection and basic trade union rights for Myanmar workers in exile is among the major challenges facing the Federation of Trade Unions of Burma (FTUB) for which it has sought ILO assistance.

This course aims to build the capacity of FTUB activists concerning union management, organization and social protection, with a view to promoting decent work for migrant workers.

The course provides an opportunity for FTUB unionists to share experience of organizing migrant workers and of dealing with abuse and exploitation of migrant workers, and to learn about the policies and action of the ILO and the international trade union movement to promote basic rights for workers both inside and outside Myanmar.

The course seeks to support follow-up action by workers’ representatives to promote and protect workers’ rights, not only in countries where Myanmar workers are in exile but also inside Myanmar itself.

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