The ILO s CSR principles and international labour standards – A workshop for project core staff

The objective of the course is to develop an understanding of the interrelated concepts of CSR, sustainable development, gender and environment, in line with the ILO s perspective on CSR. More specifically, participants increase their understanding and working knowledge of the ILO s labour standards and principles as relevant to the practices of Turkish SMEs in the textile sector.

Country: TURKEY

Region: Europe and Central Asia

The subjects covered are:

  • introduction to CSR;
  • CSR and global supply chains;
  • the ILO approach to CSR;
  • challenges and issues in the Turkish textile sector;
  • international labour standards: core and other workplace principles (much of the programme is dedicated to this specific subject).

The course shares notions and examples of good practice. Case studies include the ILO’s Better Work and SCORE Programmes.

The last part of the course consists of a learning needs analysis with a view to designing a strategy for the project’s next phase.

Target audience: The core project staff, including local experts, of the
ILO/UNIDO/UNDP joint programme on “Harnessing sustainable linkages for SMEs in Turkey’s textile sector”.

Format: a one-week face-to-face course   

Partners: ILO Ankara, ILO Geneva, UNIDO, UNDP

Link: http://www.mdgfund.org/program/harnessingsustainablelinkagessmesturkey%E2%80%99stextilesector

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