Assessing and addressing the effects of trade on employment

Region and countries: global – Bangladesh, Benin, Guatemala, Indonesia. A series of interrelated training events within an ILO-EU technical assistance project. The project has two goals:


Region: Interregional

  1. To develop knowledge with which to formulate trade and labour market policies at the national level, using sound data and diagnosis, and involving the social partners.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of policy-makers and specialists in the four pilot countries to assess the effects of changes in trade policy on employment and to design policies that mitigate any negative effects of trade and expand employment.

The courses are being designed and held in the pilot countries. Those for decision-makers focus on the links between international trade and employment. Those for specialists focus on quantitative techniques for assessing the effects of international trade on employment, and on how to interpret the results and draw policy conclusions.

Target audience: government officials, social partners, researchers, analysts and policy advisers

Format: TNA, materials development, training, evaluation and reporting     

Partners: Trade and Employment Programme, ILO Geneva; EuropeAid   

Link:  http://www.ilo.org/employment/Whatwedo/Projects/lang--en/WCMS_118053/index.htm

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