Building Modern and Effective Labour Inspection Systems

As part of the Norway-funded project entitled “Strengthening Labour Inspection Services“, the ILO supported South Africa and India in strengthening their labour inspection systems.


Region: Interregional

It took an institutional capacity development approach, using a training package on labour inspection jointly developed by the ILO’s LAB/ADMIN Programme and the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin. The two-week training programme opened in Turin and was followed by a study tour to Madrid and Lisbon. It was designed to strengthen further the capacities of these trainers and show them concrete examples of training in labour inspection. It covered the functions and roles of a modern labour inspection system, with a particular focus on institutional capacity development.

Target audience: directors and managers of labour inspectorates; trainers in labour inspection.

Format: course + study tour

Partners: ILO LABADMIN; ILO Delhi; ILO Pretoria, ILO Lisbon; ILO Madrid; Authority for Working Conditions (Lisbon, Portugal); School of Labour Inspection and Social Security (Madrid, Spain)

For further information, please see the final report.

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