Region and countries: global + 12 pilot countries (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Ukraine)


Region: Interregional

The EC/UN Partnership on Gender Equality for Development and Peace is a programme in which the European Commission, UNIFEM (now UN Women) and the International Training Centre of the ILO have joined hands to ensure that gender-equality priorities are fully integrated into the development agenda at global and country levels.

The ITC-ILO has offered the Partnership training and knowledge-sharing expertise for developing guidelines, in the form of methodological support and by disseminating the Programme’s results through publications and web alerts.

Needs and experience in 12 pilot countries fed into the content of a training course on gender-sensitive planning and implementation of the global development agenda. The curriculum is now available for face-to-face and online use in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

The course de-mystifies development planning, aid effectiveness and programme-based approaches. It presents good practice and tools for gender mainstreaming in development. A trainers’ manual and trainers’ workshops at international and regional levels helped establish a group of trainers who have adapted and replicated the curriculum.  

Target audience: national and international decision-makers responsible for development planning, financing and implementation; representatives of civil society who are willing to take an active part in development planning at international and national level.

Format: consultations with national stakeholders; development of briefs, guidelines and other publications; face-to-face and online training courses; other online knowledge-sharing services.

Partners: European Commission (EuropeAid cooperation office), UN Women.

Further details, findings and reports: www.gendermatters.eu

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