Creating an enabling environment for small and medium-sized enterprise development in Suriname

Year: 2010 (April)


Region: Americas

Numerous policy and legal factors can erode the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to create employment opportunities, foster innovation, sustain themselves and produce wealth. Even when the policy and legal instruments themselves are supportive of SMEs, their enforcement and implementation may be inadequate or inefficient. This course examined how to formulate and implement strategies to create an enabling business environment for SME development. It was held in consultation with a local partner, the Suriname Business Forum.


Learning objective: to improve the skills of participants to analyse, design and implement programmes for reforming and improving the business environment for SMEs.

At the end of the course, the participants were able to:

  • present the business environment from the perspective of a small or medium-sized enterprise, and describe how the activities of different stakeholders both influence and react to the business environment;
  • develop a strategy for implementing a reform programme to improve the environment for SME development;
  • identify practical ways of achieving institutional change, including social dialogue and reducing resistance to reform;
  • design and explain the importance of a system for assessing progress with reform of the business environment.


Target audience: government officials; representatives of employers’ organizations; other private sector representatives; parliamentarians.

Results: Thirty participants attended the course and prepared action plans to improve the business environment in Suriname.

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