Management of the Occupational Safety and Health

Country: BRAZIL

Region: Americas

- Years of implementation: one course in 2013, two courses in 2014, one course in 2015

- Country of implementation: Brazil

- Institutional partners involved: International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization in collaboration with Serviço Social da Indústria - SESI (Social Service of Industry), sister organization of the Brazilian employers’ organization, in charge, among other things, of providing technical support on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) to the associated enterprises

- Target audience: This course was designed especially for 30 experts of the National Department and regional departments of SESI fulfilling the function of advising companies in the area of the OSH.

- Activity type: Face-to-face workshop in Brasilia, Brazil

- Brief description of the activity or project:


Frequently, occupational accidents and diseases are considered as something difficult to avoid and consequently the approach is focused on “post accident” insurance and activities, such as medical care, rehabilitation and compensation. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management is a conceptual evolution of the OSH theme. This new approach is based on multiple successful experiences in which it has been possible to avoid occupational accidents and diseases through appropriate preventive management. It also involves the evolution of an approach focused solely on preventing health damage to ensure a safe and healthy environment in the company and actively promote the well-being of workers.


This workshop was designed to introduce the concepts and basic principles of the OSH management approach in enterprises, to explain how these principles are implemented in the different preventive activities and how these activities should be articulated to achieve the primary goal: providing a safe and healthy work environment. The workshop, requested by SESI, aims to strengthen SESI’s ability to implement and develop more effective methods and systems for OSH management through the experience of the ILO and the best practices of other selected organizations. The course was structured into the following topics:


• Principles and concepts of OSH.

• OSH management. Concepts and content.

• The systematic management of OSH.

• Techniques for hazard identification and risk assessment.

• Objectives and planning of preventive action.

• Prevention and control measures.

• Measures for ergonomic intervention.

• Emergency management and evacuation plans.

• Management of hazardous processes and changes.

• Economic impact of accidents and benefits of prevention

• Development of safety culture in the company.


The workshop’s training methodology used active learning methods, making use of the knowledge and experience of the participants, promoting a permanent communication between participants through the working group, directed discussions. This approach facilitated the integration and the involvement of participants in course activities in addition to advancing discussion of the topics most relevant to the specific aspects of the local context.


Activity type: workshop in Brasilia, Brazil
- Institutional partners involved: Serviço Social da Indústria (SESI)
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