Negotiation skills for the garment sector in Haiti

Country: HAITI

Region: Americas



Target audience: Employers and workers’ representatives from the garment sector

Workshop, Co-organized with the ILO Better Work Programme

The garment sector in Haiti employs approximately 26,000 workers and represents three-quarters of Haitian exports. The ILO Better Work Programme aims to improve working conditions and promote competitiveness in this sector. Given the strategic importance of this sector, an important task is to promote sound industrial relations between workers and employers.

In 2013, the ITCILO was requested to develop 3 training activities to strengthen the skills of employers and workers' representatives in the garment sector in Haiti. These tailor-made workshops were aimed at improving negotiation skills and to help participants understand how conflict can be prevented and better managed in the workplace. Emphasis was placed on how to move from a traditional style of adversarial negotiation to a negotiation style that allows mutual gains and strengthens relationships among parties.

The workshops were highly interactive and based on participants’ experiences of conflict management. Role plays, modelling and participatory exercises helped to create a conducive environment to share ideas and concerns. Role plays were used to monitor the progress of participants. During the 3rd workshop participants elaborated guidelines on preventing the root causes of conflicts in the workplace. One participant, a HR manager in a major factory, said at the end of the workshops: “In the past I used to see unions as adversaries. Now I see them as social partners”.

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