Workshop on Labour Administration and Labour Inspection

Country: PERU

Region: Americas


A workshop was held in Lima, Peru, for Labour Ministry Officials to analyse the functions and perspectives of and challenges to the labour administration and labour inspection in the current international and regional context. Participants discussed measures for ensuring good governance of labour administration institutions in general, and the lessons learned by the different labour inspectorates. Information was provided on how to inspect issues related to employment relationships, occupational health and safety as well as general working conditions. Participants also discussed how to establish effective campaigns for the dissemination of labour rights. Information was also provided on how to compile relevant statistical information that is useful for labour inspection. It was also stressed that labour administrations and labour inspections need to analyse their legal framework and the practical functioning of institutions, in order to detect gaps and demonstrate that an institutional capacity building process will confront any shortcomings so that countries are capable of implementing an effective national labour policy.

The workshop was attended by 27 public officials, mainly labour inspectors, from the ministries of labour in 13 Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Nicaragua). The event was co-organized by the International Training Centre of the ILO and the ILO HQ office in Geneva and ILO Regional Office in Lima.

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