“Participating in the Master’s Degree in Management of Development 2001/2002, for me, was really a great experience: excellent teaching methods, relevant training materials, highly competent and friendly professors, and a beautiful international class. The experience really helped me in my professional duties. I have advanced in my career and am now the coordinator of a consortium of 21 development NGOs based in the Piedmont Region.”

Andrea Micconi, Master in Management of Development



“The Management of Development Master’s has transformed my career, allowing me to move from a national general support staff category to a fully-fledged international professional at the UNDP within the course of one year. The Master’s offered me a rich learning experience in development, how it is managed as well as a wealth of good practices and real life examples that I gained from the wide diversity of tutors and professors we had for MANDEV 2004.”

Ali Tahsin Jumah, Master in Management of Development



“I joined the MSc in order to gain additional knowledge of modern public procurement management. My objectives have been achieved. Additionally, I now work as a Senior Procurement Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank. This position was offered to me, in large part, thanks to the cutting-edge knowledge I have acquired through this Master’s programme.”

Ariel E. Rodriguez Perez, Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development



“I selected the L.L.M. Programme in Intellectual Property because I was eager to expand and update my knowledge of intellectual property rights, especially after being appointed as a district attorney in Beirut. The training period at the ITC-ILO was really a rich learning experience. I remember with nostalgia the long days spent at the beautiful ITC-ILO campus studying and exchanging experiences in a multinational context.”

Ola Ramadan,  L.L.M. in Intellectual Property



After having attended this Master I reaffirm that working to protect World Heritage Sites can be a vehicle to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The Master gave me elements to strengthen capacity building and communication skills for local stakeholders as active decision-makers and to contribute to reinforcing UNESCO´s 5C strategic objectives: conservation, capacity building, communication, credibility and community involvement. Recently appointed in charge of Cultural and Communication Cooperation at the National UNESCO Commission in Colombia.

Juan Camilo Gaviria,  Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development

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