Recognition of foreign degrees

If  you hold an academic qualification awarded outside Italy you will need to provide the Course Secretary of each master with the following documentation:

  • Original of your degree and academic transcripts legalized by the competent Ministry or office in charge (please check locally). Kindly make sure that the transcripts refer to all years of studying. If you received your degree in a country different than yours please contact the related embassy. For example if you are Chinese but you were awarded a degree from a university in Germany you will need to contact the German embassy in China.
  • Copy of the Italian translation of your bachelor degree and of the relative transcripts, provided by an official translator (recognized by the Italian embassy).

With these two documents you will need to go to the Italian embassy of the country where your University Diploma was issued to request the

  • Declaration of value of your bachelor degree (Dichiarazione di Valore in loco – DV), issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassies and Consulates) of the country in which your degree was awarded. The Declaration of Value is an official document written in Italian that provides a short description of your academic qualification.

Please note that all these procedures can be submitted by email, telephone and courier and that you do not need to go to the embassy in person.

You will be requested to bring with you in Turin the original of these three official documents, which are mandatory to obtain the final Master Diploma from the University of Turin.

These documents are compulsory for the registration at the University of Turin; obtaining them is a lengthy process. Once you receive the acceptance letter, you should apply for them immediately.

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