Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension

Administrative Solutions for Extending Coverage

Administrative Solutions for Coverage Extension

6–10 Junio 2022
El curso está disponible en English
Presentación del curso

This course will focus on the crucial elements of administrative solutions for extending coverage, which are vital for the financial sustainability, extension and viability of social security systems. The ISSA guidelines on administrative solutions for extending coverage address a number of the challenges faced by social security programmes, including reliability and efficiency, compliance issues, and governance beyond operations.

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The course is designed for social security professionals of ISSA member organizations. Participants should hold positions directly related to the design and implementation of administrative solutions for extending the coverage of social security systems. Course learning materials and tuition will be offered online in English. The following requirements are therefore essential for participation in this course: the ability to access and use a computer with an internet connection; a working knowledge of written English.

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