Business coaching for small enterprises

Business coaching for small enterprises

Business coaching for small enterprises

9–13 Noviembre 2020
El curso está disponible en English

This course aims to provide coaches with the tools they need to help small entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Participants learn new coaching models and techniques, and assess their efficacy in different case studies. The programme provides coaches with a wide range of development tools, as well as a safe space to practice core skills.

Grow your coaching and training skills and start making a difference.

Key features
Campus life

Stay and study on the banks of the Po River

Learn differently

Conversations with experts and practical exercises

Get ready

Participants get to know the basic tools before the course starts

Big picture

This practical course gives coaches the tools they need to help small businesses thrive

Presentación del curso

This course will help you become an effective business coach for small-scale entrepreneurs aspiring to grow their businesses. You will become familiar with different coaching models and techniques, and assess their validity in different contexts. The programme will provide you with the opportunity to practice your coaching techniques in a safe environment, using real-life case studies. So you can offer your clients solid advice on business strategy, the course will provide you with a set of state-of-the-art business development tools for use in your coaching and training sessions.

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

This course is designed for business trainers and coaches working for public or private enterprise-support institutions, such as business-development service providers, business incubators and private consultancy companies.

What topics does this course cover?

From coaching models to working in niche markets, we have you covered.

  • Small business development tools and case studies
  • International coaching and cross-cultural communication
  • Designing coaching sessions and writing coaching logs
What will I learn?

The online phase will provide an introduction to business development tools, while the face-to-face phase gives you a chance to practice your skills.

  • The key skills of coaching for small enterprise development
  • Classic growth challenges that entrepreneurs face today (and how to face them)
  • How to deal with resistance, derailment, and conflict
What will I be able to do?

You’ll leave this course ready to coach different types of clients in various scenarios.

  • Use the GROW model, a tool for goal setting and problem solving
  • Develop a unique coaching style and identify a niche market
  • Recognize which business development tools to use, per client
Why should I join?

The coaching journey can be especially rewarding when you hone your skills and style.

  • Participants prepare for the course with online tools before entering the classroom.
  • Experienced coaches share their secrets for success—and talk candidly about making a difference.
  • As the field is quickly evolving, the best coaches are those who update their skills often.

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