E-learning on Fair Recruitment Processes for Practitioners

E-learning on Fair Recruitment Processes for Practioners

E-learning on Fair Recruitment Processes for Practitioners

7 Septiembre–11 Octubre 2020
El curso está disponible en English
Presentación del curso

"In today's globalized economy, workers are increasingly looking for job opportunities both by migrating internally and beyond their home country in search of decent work and better livelihoods.However, concerns have been raised about the growing role of unscrupulous employment agencies, informal labour intermediaries and other operators that prey especially on low-skilled workers and those desperately searching for work. In response to those challenges, the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched in 2014 a global initiative the "Fair Recruitment Initiative" and adopted in 2016 General principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment. The latter has been expanded in 2018 to include a comprehensive definition of recruitment fees and related costs. This online course aims to enhance understanding among key actors of the need to protect workers, including migrant workers, from abusive and fraudulent practices during the recruitment and placement process and provide to participants concrete and practical tools on establishing fair recruitment processes

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This This E-Learning course is designed for professionals and practionnners dealing with recruitment processes including recruitment of migrant workers.

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