Financial management for development projects

Financial Management for Development Projects Certification Programme

Financial management for development projects

25 Octubre–17 Diciembre 2021
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Presentación del curso

Financial management is more than an administrative and control duty. Rather, sound financial management is a critical prerequisite for successful project delivery. Timely and precise financial data are indispensable for effective decision-making, as well as for corrective action by project management staff, to enhance the prospects of timely completion of deliverables within the planned project budget and scope. Participants in this online certification programme will learn to design and operate project financial management systems in accordance with sound professional standards and the requirements of donors and governments. They will acquire all the specialist knowledge, technical skills and tools required to ensure the effective financial management of development projects.

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This course is intended for project directors and accounting and financial management staff engaged in the implementation of development projects, particularly those working for the United Nations, IFIs and EU-funded projects. Candidates are expected to have a basic knowledge of accounting in the public or private sector.

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