Designing and implementing effective wage policies

Designing and implementing effective wage policies
Social Dialogue

Designing and implementing effective wage policies

9–13 Diciembre 2019
El curso está disponible en English

Wage policies can alleviate working poverty and inequality. The problem is visible globally: women are paid 20 percent less than men worldwide, and in 2017 global wage growth fell to its lowest rate since 2008. In this course, participants learn how to design and implement wage policies at different levels.

Join this course if you’re motivated to improve wage policies for the future of work.

Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include interactive and participatory exercises

High-level resources

Learn from wage policy specialists from the ILO and ITCILO

Proven procedures

This course is based on ILO-recognized strategies and standards

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?
  • Representatives from ministries of labour and employment
  • Staff of employers’ and workers’ organizations
  • Other relevant stakeholders involved in wage policy creation
What topics does this course cover?

This course provides practical guidance for creating suitable wage policies.

  • Collective bargaining
  • Gender equality
  • Tripartite mechanisms
What will I learn?

Course materials are informed by the ILO Minimum Wage Policy Guide and the Global Wage Report 2018-19. 

  • All about evidence-based wage policies, including the fixing of minimum wages
  • How to promote collective bargaining and intervene to reduce wage gaps
  • The latest global insights on wage policies, and how to leverage them
What will I be able to do?

Participants connect to a global network of professionals involved in the formulation, implementation, and analysis of wage policies.

  • Strengthen existing wage policies and come up with more effective new ones
  • Implement provisions that address the gender gap in wage distribution
  • Use a participatory approach to formulate better wage policies for more people
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its innovative learning methods and dynamic training environments.

  • This course takes a hands-on approach, highlights best practices, and introduces new tools and methodologies.
  • Participants are encouraged to share individual experiences and work in teams to enhance their learning.
  • This course gets to the core of current debates and research on wage policies.

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