Service quality: ISSA Guidelines, knowledge-sharing and innovation

Service quality: ISSA Guidelines, knowledge-sharing and innovation
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Service quality: ISSA Guidelines, knowledge-sharing and innovation

8–12 Junio 2020
El curso está disponible en English

This course is one of seven focused on the ISSA Guidelines, all held simultaneously at the Turin Centre. Participants from different courses are able to meet and discuss between sessions.

Service quality is a fundamental dimension of social security delivery. Not only does it support the efficiency and effectiveness of social security, but it also contributes to building trust between citizens and governments at a broader level. This course uses the ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality as a framework to learn innovative approaches to improve service performance in day-to-day actions and business processes.

Join a network of social security practitioners in this highly specialized course.

Key features

The green campus with modern training facilities makes a unique space for learning 


Innovative training methodologies and integrated use of digital learning technology


Learning begins at home, continues in the classroom, and ends with an individual assignment 


Critical insights from professionals of ISSA member organizations

¿Quiénes participan en este curso?

The course is designed for social security professionals of ISSA member organizations. Participants should hold positions directly related to the design and implementation of social security programmes in the area of service quality who are interested in applying the ISSA Guidelines.

What will I learn?

This course uses the ISSA Guidelines on Service Quality as a framework for assessing challenges and identifying innovations.

  • Service quality framework: what is it, why is it important, and how can I develop one?
  • Engaging with participants: aims, benefits, and modes of engagement
  • Product development lifecycle: how should service design be organized and implemented?
  • Service fundamentals: how to identify priority methods for service improvement
  • Measurement and feedback: how to measure, benchmark, and analyze
  • Service culture: creation and sustainability
  • Continuous improvement: how to create a management philosophy
What will I be able to do?
  • Understand core approaches to improvement in service quality based on international best practices
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of social security professionals in the field of service quality
  • Utilize the ISSA Guidelines as a framework for improvement in service quality within national social security institutions
  • Develop country-tailored innovations drawing on experiences in other countries
Why should I join?
  • The course was designed specifically for social security professionals from ISSA member organizations.
  • ISSA-accredited experts with decades of international experience in social security administration are the trainers.
  • Participants join and interact with a network of professionals from other ISSA member organizations.
  • The course uses a mix of training methods: lectures, plenary discussions, good practices, case studies, group work, and individual exercises.
  • Participants engage in activities with their peers from other ISSA Guidelines courses.

The course consists of 60 total hours of learning, broken up into three phases.

  • Pre-course (10 hours): Self-guided study through the online eCampus platform. Includes a pre-course assessment
  • Residential week (45 hours): 5-day interactive sessions at the ITCILO in Turin, including developing an individual presentation
  • Post-course assignment (5 hours): Individual assignment applying ISSA Guidelines to the participant’s organisation

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