Career development support in changing labour markets

Career development support in changing labour markets

Career development support in changing labour markets

6 novembre–15 décembre 2023
Le cours est disponible en English
Présentation du cours

In a time of changing labour markets, rapid technological developments and recovery from COVID-19, careers development support is becoming increasingly important in helping people to manage the frequent and complex transitions they face within and between learning and work. At the same time, careers development support services are challenged to provide better access and innovative ways of delivery to both youth and adults in a lifelong learning perspective. Careers development support includes such activities as: - Careers guidance for all, especially for the unemployed and inactive; - Careers education in schools, TVET institutes, universities and adult learning institutions; - Careers development support for workers. Join us online to get new insights and innovative examples from around the world on how to make careers development support more effective!

Groupes cibles

- High level technical staff and service directors/managers (from ministries, education agencies, SME agencies and other institutions working in the fields of education, higher education, TVET and employment services; - Representatives of employers' and workers' organizations, as well as NGOs, with a role in planning and organizing careers development support services.

What’s the journey?

One module per week:

Module 1. Introduction to career development support systems

Module 2. Cooperation and coordination for system development

Module 3. Funding and incentives to career development support

Module 4. Access and technology

Module 5. Formal and informal environments for career development support services

Module 6. Quality and system improvement


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