Effective project implementation

Effective project implementation

Effective project implementation

30 novembre–4 décembre 2020
Le cours est disponible en English

Project implementation practitioners have a unique skillset. They manage challenges ranging from stakeholders’ expectations to project communication. This course provides participants with the knowledge they need to improve the implementation phase, in particular.

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Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include videos and online demos

High-level resources

Learn from ILO specialists, ITCILO trainers, and external lecturers

Personalized training

Each participant should bring a copy of a real project document or manual for reference

Proven procedures

This course is based on internationally-recognized project management standards

Présentation du cours

This course aims to improve the competencies of participants in applying the knowledge required for effective project implementation in accordance with the professional standards adopted by project management bodies, the ILO, United Nations organizations and multilateral development banks.

Groupes cible

The course is for project directors, project implementation staff and chief technical advisors (CTAs) to projects funded by international financial institutions (IFIs) or implemented through international organizations. Candidates are expected to be currently involved in the management and oversight of such projects. Previous knowledge or work experience in project management and/or financial management in the public or private sector would be an asset.

What topics does this course cover?

This intensive one-week course is an opportunity to hone your project implementation skills.

  • Project management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Control and reporting
What will I learn?

Participants bring their own project documents to use as a point of reference throughout the course.

  • How to conduct an initial needs assessment
  • All about the theory of change and logical framework
  • Best practices in the implementation phase
What will I be able to do?

After this course, participants will be more successful in project implementation efforts.

  • Actively engage stakeholders in project implementation phase
  • Develop a communication plan to share recommendations and insights
  • Use soft skills to provide leadership, manage conflict, and keep teams motivated
Why should I join?

This course was designed according to universally-accepted professional standards.

  • Project management specialists, as well as consultants who have worked on World Bank-funded projects, are the trainers.
  • Participants are invited to engage in group discussions and team exercises
  • This course provides solutions to common challenges, such as performance problems and reporting deficiencies.

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