Empleos verdes y transition justa: conceptos y prácticas

Green jobs for sustainable development: Concepts and practices

Empleos verdes y transition justa: conceptos y prácticas

23 septembre–18 octobre 2024
Le cours est disponible en Español
Présentation du cours

El curso ofrece una oportunidad de aprendizaje a distancia interactivo para explorar los conceptos de los empleos verdes, transición justa, y las prácticas emergentes. A través de una revisión de las herramientas, la literatura seleccionada y las mejores prácticas, los participantes se introducen en las implicaciones que tiene para el mercado laboral la transición hacia economías más verdes y sostenibles.

Course objectives

The overall objective of the course is to improve the understanding of green jobs key concepts and definitions as part of the world of work’s contribution to sustainable development, through a review of tools, selected literature and on-going practices.


More specifically, at the end of the course, it is expected that participants:

  • Understand the links between environment, economy and society and are able to explain their interrelated challenges;
  • Can argue why green jobs are key to promote sustainable development;
  • Are able to describe what green and decent jobs are;
  • Know in which sectors green jobs are mostly concentrated and can provide examples from different regions and countries;
  • Recognize the role of governments and social partners in the promotion of policy coherence for the transition to greener and more sustainable economies;
  • Appreciate best practices and useful case studies that illustrate the variety of approaches to fully exploit the business growth and job creation potential, while promoting environmental and social sustainability.
Structure and methodology

The e-learning course “Green jobs for sustainable development: concepts and practices” is conceived to be implemented over a period of 6 weeks, as described below:

Module                                                                                       Week

Pre-course activities & Module 1                                               Week 1

Module 2                                                                                    Week 2

Module 3                                                                                   Week 3

Module 4                                                                                   Week 4

End of course activities Submission of final assignment          Week 5

Revision of final assignments                                                   Week 6


The course is structured around 4 learning modules, addressing 4 fundamental questions:

  • Why are green jobs key to sustainable development?
  • What are green and decent jobs?
  • Where can green jobs be found and/or created?
  • How can green jobs be promoted and by whom?


Throughout the entire course participants will have access to ITCILO’s e-campus and the 4 self-guided e-learning modules with interactive learning activities and case studies, background reading material and key information on the course.

In an interactive, live online session, delivered by ITCILO trainers, participants will have the opportunity to learn and exchange with sector experts and professionals on how to develop and implement green jobs strategies and programs at country or sector level. Recordings of the session will be available on the e-campus.

The course will close with a final assignment that will enable participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and put it into action.

Practical information

The course will be conducted in English and Spanish and it will be held fully online.

After successfully completing all required activities, participants obtain an official ITCILO Certificate of Participation in Digital Credentials Format.

The tuition fee for this course is 980 Euros

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