Embrace change in the new era: Empowering UN Gender Focal Points

Gender focal points

Embrace change in the new era: Empowering UN Gender Focal Points

Strategies, tools, and good practices

2 novembre–4 décembre 2020
Le cours est disponible en English

Gender focal points and gender facilitators form the gender architecture of United Nations organizations. Gender equality has made strides in the last decades, although the progress is not so fast as expected. Inequalities are still resilient and challenges remain, now more than ever. COVID-19 was a tsunami that rolls through our lives and our society.

How can organizations better manage with the gender equality challenges in the new Era? How can Gender Focal Point networks support organizations in embracing chance?

If you are a gender focal point pushing for equality in the workplace, improve your practice and widen your network with this training course.

Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include dynamic discussions and practical exercises

Learn together

Participants engage in Q&As with experts and work with their peers in small group workshops

Learn individually

Participants examine best practices and utilize tools from the United Nations system

Présentation du cours

This United Nations Gender Focal Points capacity-building programme will introduce GFPs to the UN gender architecture and the latest gender policies and frameworks. The programme includes a two-week online phase, five days of face-to-face training in Turin and a final two-week online action-planning phase. GFPs will explore strategies and tools for identifying and addressing obstacles to gender equality in their context. It will examine gender-mainstreaming tools, such as gender markers and the UN System-wide Policy (UN-SWAP) on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (GEEW), and their concrete application.

Groupes cible

GFPs and gender facilitators tasked with supporting and promoting gender integration in their work units, organizations and agencies; UN Gender Focal Points and UN staff working on gender equality

What topics does this course cover?

This blended course helps participants use gender-centered tools to promote equality and decent work for all.

  • The United Nations’ gender architecture and network of gender focal points
  • Good practices and tools within the United Nations system
  • Gender equality obstacles within organizations, and how to overcome them
What will I learn?

Participants practice their skills in an intensive environment during the week-long residential phase.

  • How to use gender mainstreaming tools, such as gender markers
  • All about the United Nations’ system-wide action plan on gender equality
  • How to create a community of practice that fosters discussion and knowledge-sharing
What will I be able to do?

The goal of this course is to help participants deepen their knowledge of gender architecture and practice gender mainstreaming skills, using ILO tools.

  • Apply appropriate gender mainstreaming tools in any workplace, anywhere in the world
  • Utilize advanced skills in advocacy and communication to spread messages
  • Access a global community of practice for discussion and knowledge-sharing
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its unconventional and highly effective learning methodologies.

  • Interactive training sessions, including Q&As with subject matter experts and small group workshops, facilitate individual and collective learning.
  • The blended course includes an online phase followed by a residential learning experience.
  • Participants learn practical skills by experimenting with gender mainstreaming tools in the classroom.

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