International Labour Standards Academy

International Labour Standards Academy

International Labour Standards Academy

Get the latest knowledge and tools about international labour standards!

11–15 mai 2020
Le cours est disponible en English
Key features

Learn with presentations, videos, demos and key publications and reports


Exchange with ILO specialists, ITCILO trainers and external lectures


Share your country’s experience in your preliminary report


All training materials and resources are available on the eCampus and can be downloaded


The Academy offers a choice of highly-specialized training courses on international labour standards (ILS), and provides knowledge and tools on them to a broad range of professionals active in promoting rights at work and social justice. During its master classes in plenary, participants from various professional backgrounds and regions gather to deal with the issues that are collectively shaping the world of work and explore how they all connect and relate to ILS.

Apply to one of the open courses under the Academy by 27 March 2020!


Everyone who has a professional interest in rights at work and social justice can greatly benefit from an in-depth understanding of the system of ILS and their application at national level.

More specifically, the following professionals are encouraged to apply: ILO's tripartite constituents (including labour inspectors, law and policy officials from Ministries of labour and employment); judges, lawyers and law professors; representatives of public employment services and of private employment agencies; researchers; members of national human rights commissions and regional human rights bodies; representatives of NGOs concerned with labour rights; representatives of multinationals; ILO and UN officials; staff from multilateral development banks and other development institutions.


Each specialized course is designed for a specific audience and their professional needs. The courses will take full advantage of participants’ and experts’ high-level of competencies and experience, therefore devoting considerable time to case studies, role-plays and group discussions.

In addition, participants from the different courses part of the Academy will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences when joining the four  master classes in plenary, with simultaneous interpretation in different languages. These short and powerful talks will deal with the issues that are collectively shaping the world of work of today as well as in the future, and explore how they all connect and relate to ILS.

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