My JMDI e-Toolbox on Migration and Local Development


My JMDI e-Toolbox on Migration and Local Development

Le cours est disponible en English, Français, Español

A flexible and comprehensive e-course for stakeholders working on migration and development at the local level (local and national authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia, international organizations, etc.) on how to better mainstream migration into local governance for enhanced local development and protection of migrants.

The contents of the course are based on the My JMDI Toolbox set of training materials designed under the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) as a direct response to the specific needs identified from local stakeholders being supported by the JMDI. For more information on the JMDI, click here.

The e-course covers a wide range of practical issues connected with Local Development through 6 modules. The introductory module (Core Module) is compulsory with the remaining 5 optional modules depending on the various interests of the trainees.

Groupes cibles
  • officials and civil servants working with local authorities and administrations;

  • officials from public institutions involved in development and migration policies;

  • representatives of civil society including NGOs and migrant associations;

  • social partners (trade-unions’ organisations, business/ employers’ organisations, private sector) and;

  • academia.