Project cycle management in fragile settings

Project cycle management in fragile settings

Project cycle management in fragile settings

Solutions for complex interventions

7–11 décembre 2020
Le cours est disponible en English

To be sustainable, projects and programmes in fragile settings must fit within the wider frameworks of peace and state building. The best initiatives are customizable and adaptable, suited for complex and changing environments. In this course, participants practice using project management tools,techniques, and methodologies designed especially for development projects in fragile settings. Understand the complexity and design better projects. Join this course today.

Key features

The Centre’s training methods include case studies and roleplay exercises


Learn from ITCILO trainers and ILO specialists immersed in this fragile and conflict-affected settings


This course is designed based on internationally recognized strategies and standards

Présentation du cours

This participative course will cover the main characteristics of development interventions in fragile settings, examining current practices and lessons learned from project and programme cycle management (PPCM) in fragile states. It will provide participants with tools, techniques and methodologies for analysing the factors and conditions that are successfully influencing the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs in fragile settings. It will also explore the current strategies utilized to engage stakeholders, and the factors to consider in building a project-related M&E system and ensuring project sustainability.

Groupes cible

Participation in the course will benefit project managers and other actors responsible for programme and project planning, management and monitoring. This includes M&E officers, communication officers, gender and youth specialists, and risk management specialists. Some previous experience and knowledge of PPCM is beneficial but not absolutely essential.

What topics does this course cover?

This course provides an overview of projects that promote peace and resilience through employment and decent work in fragile settings.

  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement strategies
  • Theory of change and the results chain
  • Risk management in areas such as security, finance, and ethics
What will I learn?

Participants find varied solutions to specific and complex project management challenges.

  • All about agile approaches and adaptive project management
  • How to plan and monitor for sustainability and capacity building
  • The importance of empowering and including women, youth, and other vulnerable groups
What will I be able to do?

Participants practice designing, implementing, and monitoring projects in an interactive learning process.

  • Adapt project management techniques for fragile settings
  • Communicate effectively with project stakeholders
  • Create sustainable projects for the public and private sectors
Why should I join?

The ITCILO is known for its innovative learning methods and dynamic training environments, at the Turin
Centre and abroad.

  • This course begins with a two-week online training phase, including self-guided modules and a
  • discussion forum.
  • Participants interact with course materials through group exercises, case studies, and role play
  • activities.
  • Learning balances theoretical and practical work, inspired by real experiences in the field.

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