Public Finance for Social Protection Analysts

Public Finance for Social Protection Analysts

Public Finance for Social Protection Analysts

7–18 novembre 2022
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"How do you finance social protection?" is the (multi)-million-dollar question being asked in the social protection sector. This course will equip participants to answer this question by bringing together two important strands of social protection financing. The first strand engages participants in analysis of the extent of social protection expenditure, and the hypothetical and real-world options for financing this expenditure. The second introduces participants to the Public Financial Management Cycle, and provides hands-on experience of how this can be applied to social protection. In this sense, the course provides a bridge between the conceptual and practical elements of social protection financing.

Groupes cibles

Participants will be officials with sound quantitative skills and a strong commitment to advancing social protection who already have a number of years' work experience in this field. They should hold a bachelor or advanced degree and have a strong quantitative background in business, public administration, economics, political science, social science, finance, actuarial studies, mathematics, statistics or a related field. Typical participants would be professionals working in social security institutions and key ministries responsible for the development and monitoring of social protection systems, such as ministries of finance, labour, finance and planning, health or social protection/social affairs; representatives of the social partners involved in the governance of social security institutions; officials of UN agencies working in the field of social protection; members of non-governmental organizations engaged in social protection.

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