Activités pour les employeurs

Activités pour les employeurs

Update of National Business Agenda of East African EO launched- Workshop in Nairobi

The “Reviewing National Business Agendas in some Africa Countries” workshop, taking place in Nairobi, is ending today 28 August 2014, and has contributed to exchange best practices for updating national business agendas.

Making a national business agenda, which summarises the main proposals to improve the business environment, is an essential task of employers’ organisations. The document gives visibility to the EO, and informs - steers the advocacy and lobbying efforts and gives to decision-makers a coherent vision on what should be done to create more growth and jobs.


The national employers’ federations of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana have been pioneers in Africa in making and widely disseminating such business agendas. They did so in the framework of the EU Proinvest project (2009-2011), in which ACT/EMP and DECP collaborated.


The two-day-workshop -organised in Nairobi- brought the policy staff of the EOs together again, in order to examine lessons learnt from the past experience and to exchange on best practices to update the business agendas. The agenda of the workshop was very practically oriented: how to improve quality and contents, communications, alliances, members involvement, follow up and monitoring, in order to ensure that the new business agenda remains a powerful tool for policy influence.


The workshop was evaluated very positively:  a very rich exchange, an intensification of the networking between the policy staff of the different organisations and concrete action plans which will be the framework in which updated BA will be produced by the end 2014- beginning 2015.


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