Private sector development in fragile and conflict-affected settings

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Private sector development in fragile and conflict-affected settings

4–8 novembre 2019
Le cours est disponible en English

Private sector development (PSD) promotes societal transition from conflict to peaceful conditions. The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development has created a framework to design PSD interventions that contribute to peacebuilding and development. In this course, participants learn how to implement PSD projects that are conflict-sensitive and effective.

Join this course to improve your knowledge and use of PSD in fragile settings.

Key features
Learn differently

Training methods include case studies and role play exercises

High-level resources

ITCILO trainers and external lecturers run the course

Flexible training

Participants share knowledge and discuss experiences 

Qui s’inscrit à ce cours?
  • Private sector development experts and practitioners
  • International organization and donor staff members
What topics does this course cover?

This course provides an overview of best practices and approaches to peace building efforts.

  • Fragile and conflict-affected states and situations and conflict-sensitive PSD
  • Tools and strategies, such as business reforms and financial inclusion
  • Results measurement
What will I learn?

Participants learn how to leverage the relationship between private sector development and peace building.

  • All about PSD, a widely-used tool for societal transition that includes businesses
  • How to create a path to long-term development and peace, starting in the private sector
  • The importance of jobs and incomes outlasting short-term emergency interventions
What will I be able to do?

The goal of this course is to enable participants to design, implement, and monitor conflict-sensitive PSD interventions in conflict-sensitive situations.

  • Analyze the economic, political, and social causes and drivers of conflict
  • Select strategies and tools, such as public private partnerships, value chain development, and access to finance, to design more effective PSD programmes
  • Measure and evaluate PSD activities in fragile settings according to the latest standards
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its unconventional and highly effective learning methodologies.

  • The course was designed in collaboration with the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development and GIZ.
  • Sessions are interactive and promote knowledge-sharing among participants.
  • Methodologies include case studies, role play exercises, and group discussions.

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