Master in Management of Development

Master in Management of Development
Sustainable Development

Master in Management of Development

28 septembre 2020–27 septembre 2021
Le cours est disponible en English

The programme offers an applied learning opportunity to explore the theoretical, conceptual and operational frameworks for management of development from a multi-disciplinary perspective, i.e. integrating socio-economic policies with in-depth understanding of the legal, institutional, local and managerial contexts for effective planning and implementation of development programmes and projects.

Key features
Modern Methods

Learn by doing, through case studies, workshops, and group exercises

Inspiring Discussions

Exchange ideas with international students and faculty

High-Level Resources

Engage with experts from the ILO and other international organizations

Qui s’inscrit à ce cours?
  • Professionals in public and private institutions
  • Professional working at NGOs in the area of development 
  • Graduates aspiring to work in this area
  • Practitioners with experience in the development sector
Master in Numbers
What are the topics?

The Master addresses a number of critical questions confronting development practitioners and planners like:

  • What are the defining characteristics of sustainable development? Which issues and processes can be identified behind this broad concept?
  • How to plan and manage project interventions to achieve development objectives?
  • What is results-based management and how is it applied in the development context?
  • What policies and strategies may contribute to sustainable transformations in terms of cultural, political, social, economic and environmental changes?
What will I learn?

The programme’s objective is to provide personnel working in the field of sustainable development. 

  • Analytical and operational competencies in the development field
  • Effective participation in the results-based framework of national development
  • Design for effective development projects and programmes
What will I be able to do?

The contents and the learning delivery methods are designed to provide the participants with the full spectrum of competencies.

  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of the issues, processes, and the practice of development.
  • Apply acquired technical and interpersonal competencies in order to enhance the economic and social benefits of development projects and programmes.
  • Conceptualize and formulate a full- scale project proposal for a development initiative/project.
Why should I enroll?

Students learn by studying, collaborating, and observing practitioners in action.

  • This course draws from the ITCILO’s training portfolio, the ILO’s research, and the Università di Torino’s academic expertise.
  • Dedicated tutors are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the learning journey.
  • Teaching methodologies include lectures, workshops, and case studies, as well as an online platform for readings, videos, and exercises.

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