Impact Insurance Academy

Impact Insurance Academy
Sustainable Development

Impact Insurance Academy

29 juin–3 juillet 2020
Le cours est disponible en English

This academy provides a cutting-edge look at inclusive insurance. Ultimately, the programme aims to allow the industry to realize its full potential. Through a series of courses facilitated by the ILO, participants from all over the world meet to share their work and discuss the path forward for the industry.

Are you ready to promote stronger enterprises and better public policies?

Key features
Campus life

Stay and study on the banks of the Po River

Learn differently

Conversations with experts and practical exercises

Tailored training

Choose your own electives, explore your own interests

One-on-one advice

Benefit from ILO expertise through valuable feedback sessions

Qui s’inscrit à ce cours?
  • Mid- to senior-level insurance practitioners
  • Financial institutions and other distributors
  • Development practitioners, funding agencies, and technical assistance providers
What topics does this academy cover?

Explore the field’s developments with participants from all over the world, and discuss the best path forward.

  • Impact insurance
  • Microfinance
  • Entrepreneurship
What will I learn?

Present your work to ILO experts with 10 years of experience in inclusive insurance, and receive valuable feedback.

  • All about current trends in the industry
  • How to establish successful partnerships, using a lifecycle approach
  • Why digital insurance is still relevant, one decade later
What will I be able to do?

You’ll get insight into lesser-known topics through the Centre’s innovative, interactive learning methodologies.

  • Select appropriate low-cost distribution channels to reach clients 
  • Monitor performance by tracking social and financial KPIs
  • Draft an action plan to improve claims management
Why should I join?

The academy covers dozens of topics, and participants have the opportunity to customize their training experience.

  • Participants choose from electives that introduce exclusive insights and new tools.
  • Participants receive structured, individualized feedback on their projects.
  • The ILO connects participants to the world’s leading impact insurance providers.

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