Emergency Procurement

Emergency Procurement

Emergency Procurement

26 septembre–4 novembre 2022
Le cours est disponible en English, Français
Présentation du cours

The increase in situations of fragility across the globe demands a more proactive response and fit-for-purpose rescue, relief, rehabilitation and recovery actions. Such actions are usually implemented through emergency projects, mostly funded from limited public budgets. The present course will present a holistic approach to the management of procurement in fragile, conflict-affected and emergency situations, starting with proactive planning and elaborating on the tools and techniques that relief officers and procurement specialists need in order to render relief and emergency goods, works, physical services and consulting services. After the course, participants will be able to formulate and update a strategic procurement response plan; design relief interventions; launch their respective procurement activities (goods, works, physical services and consulting services); evaluate, negotiate and award contracts; and monitor the delivery and level of attainment of the such interventions.

Groupes cibles

This course intended for officers and managers working or preparing to work in fragile, conflict-affected and emergency situations, whether they are relief officers, engineers, medical doctors, heads of units or procurement specialists. The course does not follow the rules or procedures adopted by any single entity. Rather, it is equally open to civil servants and staff of international organizations or local/international NGOs. It nevertheless highlights the practices recommended by major international organizations when it comes to emergency procurement.

What does the Programme cover?

The Programme includes the following main topics:

  • Introduction to fragility, conflict and emergency and public procurement
  • Procurement of goods and supplies
  • Procurement of works and rehabilitation
  • Procurement of physical services
  • Procurement of consulting services
  • Preventing abuses and corruption in emergency procurement
  • Proactive planning for optimal procurement response
How is the course structured?

The Emergency Procurement Programme is a six-week course that will be delivered entirely online on the ITC-ILO e-Campus.

Each week participants will attend a webinar facilitated by emergency procurement experts and they will get access to a new Learning Block on the e-Campus, that will include a mix of self-paced eLearning modules, quizzes and practical exercises.

Participants will also have the chance to work on practical assignments, drafting procurement documents based on real emergency scenarios.

Why shall I attend the Programme?

At the end of the Programme, participants will be better positioned to manage procurement activities in fragile, conflict-affected and emergency situations. They will be able to formulate a proactive emergency procurement  plan, launch the respective procurement actions, effectively negotiate contracts and monitor delivery under an emergency.

Participants will be able to apply a multitude of tools and techniques that will make relief procurement interventions more impactful and far-reaching, such as:

  • requirements engineering and cost estimation;
  • market sounding, supply positioning, and market engagement;
  • risk management planning;
  • performance management planning;
  • bid design optimization;
  • value-for-money maximization;
  • contract management planning;
  • stakeholder management;
  • inspection and quality verification;
  • techniques to manage disputes and claims.

A limited number of scholarships for applicants from developing countries are available on a first come first served basis.

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