Academy on Employment

Academy on Employment

Academy on Employment

21 Novembre–2 Dicembre 2022
Il corso è disponibile in English, Français
Introduction to the academy

Responding to current and evolving labour market challenges, the Academy aims to build the capacities of government officials, social partners and other relevant stakeholders in designing and implementing effective policies and programmes, including national employment policies and programmes that target youth and women. It covers different aspects of the monitoring and evaluation of interventions to promote evidence-based policymaking. The Academy also focuses on ground-breaking topics and policy innovations linked to the future of work, which will help countries improve the resilience of their labour markets and access to decent work for all.

Who attends this academy?

The academy targets senior government officials (policymakers, planners and technical staff) of ministries of labour and employment, ministries of economy and finance, and other institutions/agencies directly involved in the formulation of national and youth employment policies and programmes; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations directly involved in the design and implementation of national employment policies; and the staff of research departments.

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