Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management in Complex and Uncertain Contexts

Effective Project Management

25 Ottobre–17 Dicembre 2021
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This course is one of five eligible courses for the Diploma on project management
for sustainable development.

To achieve the Diploma, successful candidates must complete three out of five courses within a five-year period and undertake a capstone assessment.

Presentazione del corso

Over the past decade, development cooperation practitioners have acknowledged and agreed on the shortcomings of using a classic and rigid "waterfall" approach to project management. This is particularly true for institutional capacity development projects, awareness-raising projects and those implemented in fragile contexts. The results of recent research on complex social systems and how to take into account non-linear cause-and-effect relationships point in the same direction. The behaviour of the actors involved is unpredictable, making it essential to adopt an agile, tailor-made approach to project management. For those needing to specialize in project management in complex contexts, the ITCILO offers an online certification programme to enable them to acquire all the knowledge, technical skills and tools necessary to ensure agile, adaptive and effective project implementation, taking into account the complexity of the social systems in which such projects take place.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

The course is for project directors, project implementation staff and chief technical advisors (CTAs) to projects funded by international financial institutions (IFIs) or implemented through international organizations; development practitioners working in programmes and projects. Candidates are expected to be currently involved in the management and oversight of such projects. Previous knowledge or work experience in project management is an asset.