e-Academy on Labour Migration

Labour Migration Academy

e-Academy on Labour Migration

Ensuring decent work for migrant communities

26 Ottobre–11 Dicembre 2020
Il corso è disponibile in English, العربية

An estimated 258 million migrants move through the world today, and a majority of them are migrant workers. This academy provides participants with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of effective labour migration governance, as well as how to expand social protections for migrant workers. 

Join this academy to join the international community working for safer, fairer labour migration.

Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include participatory discussions and group exercises

Proven procedures

This academy is based on UN- and ILO-recognized strategies and standards

Collaborative environment

Fully engage and interact with an international cohort

Introduction to the academy

The aim of the LMA is to provide specialized knowledge and enhance the capacities of migration actors, to give them a better understanding of labour migration challenges and opportunities in a changing political, economic and social context. It covers a wide range of cross-cutting labour migration themes.

Who attends this academy?

ILO constituents, ministries, academia, NGOs, diaspora associations

What topics does this academy cover?

This academy covers a range of cross-cutting themes regarding the global phenomenon of labour migration.

  • Trends and driving forces behind migration today
  • Social protection and labour migration governance for migrant workers
  • Links between migration and sustainable development
What will I learn?

This academy encourages participants to analyze migrant workers’ situations through the lens of the decent work agenda.

  • All about the adoption of a rights-based approach to migration issues
  • Key takeaways from global initiatives, such as the Global Compact, as well as ILO initiatives, such as the Fair Migration Agenda and the Fair Recruitment Initiative
  • Best practices regarding migration in crisis situations
What will I be able to do?

Participants go on to promote better labour migration policies and programmes at the national and international levels.

  • Consider the International Labour Standards, including ILO and United Nations supervisory mechanisms and procedures, to protect migrant workers’ rights
  • Promote a decent work approach for migrants and refugees
  • Utilize social dialogue to develop labour migration policies
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its innovative learning and training methods.

  • Content for this academy comes from the ILO Agenda on Fair Migration and other reputable sources.
  • Participants may choose from elective courses that explore different thematic areas.
  • Enjoy a highly participatory learning environment and share practical advice on relevant topics.

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