Global Youth Forum 2020

Online Global Youth Forum 2020 : Jobs for Youth post COVID-19

Global Youth Forum 2020

A future-oriented training for young leaders

10–28 Agosto 2020
Il corso è disponibile in English

If you are a young student, professional, or graduate, this Forum is a place to discuss the future with experts from the United Nations and other international NGOs. 

You will have the opportunity to connect with top leaders, build your skills, and make a difference in the world. Together, you will explore strategies to help create jobs for youth, so societies and economies can build back better.

Do you want to help build a sustainable post-pandemic society? Sign up for the Forum today.

Key features

Learn from UN officials and international experts

Experience immersive learning through virtual reality

Earn your ITCILO certificate of participation

Who takes this course?

This course is for young professionals who are interested in international development, decent work, and human rights. Participants may include students, recent graduates, and junior professionals.

What will you learn?

You will explore different possible futures and work toward building the best one.

Three areas of study for the Forum are:

  • All about decent work and social justice in a post-pandemic world
  • How the UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth aims to improve young peoples’ livelihoods
  • What young people are doing to influence the international agenda and contribute to development goals

Participants will be challenged to imagine their preferable futures, which may include:

  • Innovative COVID-19 coping mechanisms for young people
  • Building an in-depth understanding of the SDGs and the roles of various stakeholders
  • Identifying what young people can do to make sure we achieve the SDGs

I attended an ITCILO training and got in touch with people at the ILO who were working on topics I was interested in. These training activities enable you to meet people and really get to know them at a different level.

Claudio Cerbino
Junior Policy Analyst at the OECD and former ITCILO participant
Who are the speakers?

Speakers will spark conversations about the impact of COVID-19 on global youth employment, the current youth employment crisis, and strategies for support.

  • Susana Puerto Gonzalez, Senior Youth Employment Specialist for the ILO, coordinates the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, an action-oriented partnership platform for the promotion of youth employment. She has supported policy dialogue and initiatives to provide technical assistance to governments, social partners, practitioners, and young people. 
  • Sodfa Daaji, Founder of the African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights, also serves as a co-chairperson of the Afrika Youth Movement and is a member of the Youth Advisory Council of UNGEI. She is passionate about international human rights law and the role of international law in dispute settlement.
  • Georg Peitchev, Human Resources Specialist for UNDP, manages senior recruitments, succession planning, and talent outreach programmes. He recently ran an award-winning leadership recruitment campaign and contributed to the development of UNDP’s new people strategy, People for 2030.
  • Anita Amorim, Head of the Emerging and Special Partnerships Unit of the ILO, was one of the initiators of the South-South and Triangular Cooperation strategy that was adopted by the governing Body in 2012. She identifies trends and opportunities within the UN system to promote the Decent Work Agenda and the ILO’s Century Initiatives in the framework of South-South and triangular cooperation.
  • Reintje van Haeringen, CEO of CARE Nederland has led projects and programmes focused on poverty reduction and sustainable development in value chains, entrepreneurship, and local governance processes, with a specific focus on gender-related and environmental issues. She leads a global programme on Women’s Economic Empowerment, funded by H&M Foundation and implemented through CARE Nederland in 12 countries in the Global South.
  • Amal MowafyChief of Party USAID Scholars Activity for the American University in Cairo
Who are the in-house learning and training experts?
  • Andreas Klemmer, Director of Training
  • Snehal V. Soneji, Programme Manager of the Employment Policy Analysis Programme
  • Joel Alcocer, Programme Manager of the Jobs for Peace and Resilience Training Programme
What will you be able to do?

Participants that take this course expand their networks and their ideas for the future.

Here are three things you’ll be able to do after taking this course:

  • Expand your network by meeting leaders and experts in the international development field
  • Share your vision on jobs for youth, post-COVID
  • Understand the SDGs and how young people can help achieve them
Why should you join?

This course is designed for a multitude of young professionals, from university students studying development to junior UN officials looking for new connections.

Here are three reasons to take this course:

  • It's an opportunity to engage with UN officials and international experts about jobs for youth, post-COVID.
  • There will be practical discussions about how stakeholders can help achieve the SDGs.
  • You will identify how you can become a part of the solution.
Why is this course relevant today?
  • It connects the future that the youth want to build with the concrete skills they need to contribute to the SDGs.
  • It is a place where young people can meet leaders in the UN and other international organizations that are working toward achieving the SDGs.
  • It is a networking opportunity where you can connect with like-minded peers with similar values.
How is the course organized?

This three-week course includes 40 learning hours. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Week 1: Pre-Forum phase, 15 hours, 10 to 14 August

In breakout groups, you will imagine the future and describe your predictions for 2030, especially as related to SDG 8.

Week 2: Online event, 15 hours, 17 to 21 August

Using virtual reality, you will join elective sessions about employment promotion for youth post COVID-19. You will also participate in a knowledge sharing event where youths will exhibit ideas and innovations to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.  

Week 3: Post-Forum e-coaching, 10 hours, 24 to 28 August

Young people will speak about how and why they decided to work in the field of international development and share information about their latest projects.

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