Strengthening the financial governance and management of pension schemes in Arab States

Strengthening the financial governance and management of pension schemes in Arab States

Strengthening the financial governance and management of pension schemes in Arab States

27 Luglio–7 Agosto 2020
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Efficient governance can make a lasting difference. No system of social protection can achieve its objectives without good governance – and a pivotal element of good governance is financial governance. Sound financial governance depends on the capacity of persons planning, managing and supervising pension schemes. Responding to this objective, the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) is offering a two-week training course on pension schemes from 6 to 17 April 2020. The International environment at our Centre in Turin, Italy ensures the exchange of experiences between participants from different countries and we are confident that this would be a highly rewarding process.

Presentazione del corso

This course provides advanced knowledge and management tools for the effective supervision and administration of publicly funded or partially funded pension plans. Public and private pension schemes in the region are analysed, with the emphasis on pension reform and good governance. Techniques for financing social security schemes are reviewed, with a view to identifying methods of sustainable financing.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

The course is designed for executives, managers, policy-planners, financial officers and other professionals responsible for pension schemes.

Learning Objectives

The main aim of the course is to enhance the capacity of key actors involved in the pension sector to better advice, design, manage, administer and supervise national pension schemes in a changing global economic and financial context.

  • To understand the global and regional demographic and economic trends impacting on the viability of pension schemes;
  • To review different pension design options in line with the objectives of the system such as replacement rate, poverty alleviation and consumption smoothing;
  • To advance knowledge on recent policy developments and reforms with the aim of enhancing governance of pension policy;
  • To gather knowledge about good governance and its importance in the design and delivery of pension systems;
  • To identify guiding principles, practical guidelines, and governance structures and mechanisms that would help engender and support good governance;
  • To analyse best practices in the field of pension management;
  • To enhance knowledge of the techniques and methods used for establishing financially sustainable pension systems;
  • To develop an international perspective on pension issues through comparative analysis and sharing experiences of other schemes.
Structure and contents

The training activity is based on the expertise developed by the Social Security Department and the ITC-ILO. The training programme will focus on the following topics:

  • Principles of social protection and financing mechanisms
  • Recent demographic, employment and economic trends
  • Impact of the economic and financial crisis and market behavior on pension schemes
  • Coverage, adequacy and sustainability of pension schemes
  • Current state of the pension systems sustainability in Arab States
  • Administrative efficiency: Management structure, record keeping, transparency, compliance and communication
  • Accounting, budget, financial controls and audits
  • Actuarial and statistical methods
  • Investment objectives, policy and strategy
  • Monitoring investment performance
  • Political economy of pension systems
  • Maintaining parameters consistent with pension system objectives in terms of targeted population, income replacement, solidarity and equity
  • Parametric and systemic reforms: eligibility conditions, contribution rate, benefit structure, accrual rates, and indexation
  • Multi-pillar approach: Relationship between public and private pension provision
  • Outcomes of reforms: Pension reforms impacts on income distribution
  • Review of pension reforms around the world

An action-oriented, highly participative approach will be used, with particular attention to sharing international experience with a view to adaptation and practical application. Training methods will combine lectures and discussions, case studies, open space discussions and group work.

Study visit

The programme includes a study tour to French social security institutions based in Lyon in order to provide participants with an opportunity to study applied aspects of social security management.

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