Young Leaders Boot Camp

Young Leaders Boot Camp

Young Leaders Boot Camp

8–19 Luglio 2024
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Presentazione del corso

Advancements made in the adoption of ambitious, new global frameworks for sustainable development have spurred global commitments for the construction of a future that is sustainable, fair, and peaceful - Leaving No One Behind. Yet, peace and socio-economic progress remain elusive to many.

In times of cascading, interlinked global crises, leadership is not only expected but demanded of international civil servants operating across the multilateral sphere. It is to be exercised at all levels, thereby concerning not just senior personnel, but also youth aspiring to pursue an impactful career within the UN system and other International Organizations (IOs).

The Young Leaders Boot Camp equips participants with the tools to kick-start their career in the UN system and other IOs. Over the course of two weeks, participants join an international faculty of experts on the ITCILO Turin Campus, honing the core competencies expected of officers seeking to leave a lasting, positive impact in the contexts in which they operate.

This training activity is part of the INTEGRŌ curriculum.

Chi si iscrive a questo corso?

The Young Leaders Boot Camp welcomes undergraduate, graduate students and young professionals seeking to acquire the skills necessary to pursue a career in the UN system and other IOs. The ITCILO welcomes applications from participants who uphold the mission and values of the United Nations and who are thus comfortable in a multicultural setting.

What will I learn?

The Young Leaders Boot Camp is an intensive two-week interactive learning experience delivered live at the ITCILO Campus in Turin, Italy. Participants join lectures, practical workshops and outdoor teambuilding activities between 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday. 

The Boot Camp is structured around 6 modular, thematic blocks which run over the course of two weeks:

  • Navigating the UN System
    Explore the structure, mission and values of the United Nations. Locate opportunities available to youth seeking to join the UN system and other international organizations.
  • Leadership Skills for International Civil Servants
    Unpack the multilateral leadership paradigm. Discover how to exercise leadership for impact across the UN system and other international organizations at all levels.
  • Mediation, Negotiation and Third-Party Exploratory Processes
    Hone core negotiation, mediation and facilitation skills for the resolution of a scenario based on a real-life UN case study.
  • Leadership Expert Fireside Chats
    Join live and online conversations with UN officers sharing their experiences of operating in headquarters or in the field for the ILO and other international organizations.
  • Career Design Sessions
    Find your purpose, craft a career plan, and hone soft skills essential to the pursuit of professional growth in the UN system and other international organizations.
  • Outdoor Team-Building Activities
    Strengthen your teamwork and problem-solving skills by joining outdoor activities designed to let you unleash your creativity.
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Why join?
  • Apply mediation and negotiation techniques to the resolution of a real UN case study;
  • Develop leadership skills for the effective pursuit of a career in multilateral diplomacy and decision-making across the UN system and in other IOs;
  • Design an international career in support of the values and mission of UN agencies and other IOs;
  • Strengthen your team-building skills for the effective delivery of projects and programmes across the UN system and other IOs;
  • Join a network of young, aspiring international civil servants pursuing a career in multilateral diplomacy and decision-making.

Participants achieve learning aims with a series of weekly synchronous and asynchronous tasks completed in groups. Participants completing all required activities unlock an official ITCILO Certificate of Participation in Digital Credentials Format. 


INTEGRŌ is the global competence development facility for future leaders in the world of work of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO). Highlighting the ILO’s contributions in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, INTEGRŌ motivates future leaders to leverage synergies that connect Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) to all of the other Goals for the benefit of their communities of reference. INTEGRŌ offers a wide range of global competence training opportunities which, while being stand-alone, work in synergy with one another for the formulation of a dynamic, integrated curriculum.

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