Roles of Board Members in Business Members Organizations

Roles of Board Members in Business Members Organizations

Roles of Board Members in Business Members Organizations

The course is available in English
Key features

available to a large number of participants, the main requirement being to be sitting on a BMO board of directors or about to do so. Working command of English is also a must.


it is free learning solution. Time requirements to follow the MOOC are kept to a minimum (3 hours a week) in order to make it compatible with professional commitments. The overall duration of the course is 5 weeks.


the course can be accessed on an internet platform. Registration is also made online. Each week, new content will be displayed and participants invited to interact, learn and share their experience.


the objective is for participants to improve their effectiveness in their role as BMO Board Member. The learning is chunked into 5 modules.

You are a board member...

  • What are your role and responsibilities as Board Member of a Business Members Organizations (BMOs)?
  • What should be your primary considerations when it comes to governance issues?
  • How do you ensure the development of membership strategies and revenue building approaches which are best suited to the needs of your BMO?
  • Do you apply the essentials of strategic planning?
  • Do you ask yourself: how do others do?

If you have recently decided to take a new role as Board Member of a BMO; if you want to refresh your knowledge, challenge yourself and look outside the box or if you want to increase your effectiveness as BMO Board Member, join this free MOOC and explore these questions from a global and hands-on perspective!

Why such a MOOC?

Board Members in BMOs are the ultimate decision-makers. Critically, being on the board of a BMO means having to master a complex set of tasks and being able to take a strategic view on decisions to be taken. It also implies adopting a perspective on strategic planning, governance, income generation or membership management that is unique to these type of organizations. It is mostly on the job learning.

This MOOC is the first and only learning solution which provides an introduction to current and future Board Members on what is generally expected from them and how they can contribute to and shape the strategic direction of the organization. Through a mix of inputs (micro-lessons, readings), experience sharing (case studies, video interviews), practical tips (boardroom checklists, crowdsourcing of solutions) and interactions between peers (discussion fora), participants will gain both knowledge and practical skills to enhance their role as effective Board Members of a BMO.

What’s in it for me?

The MOOC aims to:

  • enhance specific skills and competencies tailored to the role you have as a Board Member in your BMO;
  • give value to your experience and boosts your own personal development;
  • include practical tips and quick gains that can make a difference tomorrow in a Board room;
  • provide an opportunity to learn from your peers from all around the world and from the innovations and best practice developed in other BMOs;
  • help you build sound foundations for your BMO and add value to your engagement in the organization.

Module 1: Business Member Organizations today and in the future.

Module 2: Governance of Business Member Organizations

Module 3: Development of Membership Strategies

Module 4: Revenue Building in Business Member Organizations

Module 5: Essentials of Strategic Planning.

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