Master of Laws in International Trade Law

For more than 20 years the International Training Centre of the ILO and a number of academic partners led by the University of Turin and the University Institute of European Studies and in collaboration with other world-class universities have been offering a shortened version of this Master as a postgraduate course under the name “International Trade Law Post-Graduate Course”.

Master of Laws in International Trade Law

Deadline for application: 30 June 2018

Starting date: 29 October 2018


29 October 2018 - 28 October 2019


Master Information

Deadline for application: 30 June 2018

Starting date: 29 October 2018


29 October 2018 - 28 October 2019



The core faculty of the programme is composed of:

  • law professors from renowned universities worldwide
  • professionals and law consultants from international law firms and legal departments of international corporations
  • experts and officials from UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT, ITC-ILO, WTO, ICC, EU and other international organisations.

The combination of academic resource persons and legal practitioners is a distinctive feature of this programme which enables smooth integration of theory with practice.

Participants will benefit from the support and involvement of Module coordinators and  dedicated tutors who will assist and advise them throughout the learning period.

List of Lecturers

Lecturers 2016/2017

Module I:

Coordinator: Lorenza Mola

-          Patti Janega – Team Building

-          Monica Canafoglia  – UNCITRAL

-          Patrick O’Malley – Bribery and Corruption

-          Francesco Cannas  – International Taxation

-          Samuel Asfaha – Economics

-          Serafino Marchese– WTO  

-          Iryna Polovets - WTO

-          Walid Ben Hamida – International Investment system  

-          Carlos Correa – Intellectual property rights

-          Tatiana Kyselova – Research on final essay


Module II:

Coordinator: Cristina Poncibò

-          Franz Werro – Comparative Contract Law

-          Gianmaria Ajani – International Trade and Diversity in the Law of Contracts

-          Marcel Fontaine – Law of international contracts

-          Marina Motta- Letters of Intent

-          Cristina Martinetti – Contract drafting

-          Neale Bergman – UNIDROIT

-          Niccolò Landi – MA, corporate agreements, project financing

-          Patrick O’Malley – Negotiations and Contract Drafting; Joint Ventures

-          Jingbo Zhang – International Trade

-          Özlem Gürses –Insurance contracts, transport documents

-          Ignacio Tirado Marti – Insolvency Law

-          Luca Ghedina – IP international contracts and IP rights

-          Luca Castellani – E-commerce

-          Roberto Caranta – State contracts

-          Giuditta Cordero Moss – energy contracts


Module III:

Coordinator: Roberto Caranta

-          Pierre Tercier – Introduction to Arbitration

-          Gabriele Ruscalla – ICC Arbitration

-          Isabelle Hering – commercial mediation

-          Alberto Oddenino – Arbitral systems other than ICC and ICSID

-          Clarisse von Wunschheim – Arbitral proceedings 1

-          Anna Noel – Arbitral proceedings 2

-          Diana Akikol  - Annulment and enforcement

-          Leopold Specht – ICSID arbitration

'           Arnaud Nussbaumer – ADR and litigation

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