Master in Management of Development

Master in Management of Development

Deadline for application: 17 September 2018

Starting date: 15 October 2018


15 October 2018 - 18 October 2019


Master Information

Deadline for application: 17 September 2018

Starting date: 15 October 2018


15 October 2018 - 18 October 2019



PART I - Distance Learning  

Preparatory Tutor-assisted Self-learning Period  

A self-learning tutor-assisted period of 12 weeks duration designed to introduce the participants to the pre-requisite entry level knowledge in the disciplines of Part II, namely economics, institutional development and social analysis, law, and project management.
The training materials include selected chapters from key textbooks in addition to a number of articles from well-known journals. The learning content will be posted on the programme’s website while the participants will receive prior to arrival in Turin at least one prescribed textbook. Two weeks subsequent to arrival in Turin the participants will sit for two written examinations covering the topics of the distance learning period.

PART II - Face-to-Face  


•   Overview of the “development arena”

•   Important actors: UN system, World Bank, NGOs, private sector etc.

ModulI: Project cycle management (PCM)

•   Logical framework approach

•   Operational planning and budget

•   Monitoring and evaluation

ModulII: Economics of development

•   Economic development theories

•   Economic policy in practice

•   Strategies of economic development

•   International economics and development

•   Environmental economics

•   Inequality and poverty

•   Cost and benefit of migration

ModulIII: Enabling legal context for development

•   Enabling legal framework for effective and sustainable development

• The role and function of key actors in development, inter alia, multilateral and bilateral development agencies and NGOs

• Human Rights-based approach to development programming

• Labour Standards with emphasis on gender and prevention of child labour Module IV: Institutional development and social analysis

ModulIV: Institutional development and social analysis

• Factors influencing “institutional efficiency”

• Political regimes and instruments of participation

• Development, politics and culture: perspectives from political science

• Family, gender and participation (special reference to problems of health and education)

• Territorial Development

• Risk Management



This face-to-face part is the core learning component of the Master. The participants will be asked to sit for three written exams in order to assess their learning achievement inthe subject matter of Part II.

This part ends with approx. two weeks for selection and initial formulation of the participants’ research project

PART III - Independent Work for Project Preparation and Presentation

This part is dedicated to individual or group formulation of a full-fledged project document in response to a perceived “development need” in a sectorand country related to the participants’ work or field of interest. 

The quality of preparation and presentation of the project document  serves as anindicator of the participants’ understanding of the main disciplines of development work.

The project document or development proposal will be assessed for quality and consistency by a panel of experts from the University of Turin and ITCILO and is a prerequisite for graduation.

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