Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

Deadline for application: 10 September 2018

Starting date: 08 October 2018


08 October 2018 - 08 October 2019


Master Information

Deadline for application: 10 September 2018

Starting date: 08 October 2018


08 October 2018 - 08 October 2019


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I apply for this Master’s programme?



    1. Click on Apply link on the top page and you will get the on-line application form
    2. Fill in the requested information and attach the requested supporting documents
    3. Once you have completed your application and attached the documents, click on  Submit
    4. You should then receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your application


What documents should I submit with my application?

You should attach the requested supporting documents in the Supporting Documents section of the on-line application form.


Officials documents should be scanned and uploaded.


 The documents include a copy of:


    1. A recent curriculum vitae
    2. Your university degree, specifying the results of the examinations (official academic transcripts)
    3. Certificates or other evidence of English language knowledge (if it is not your mother tongue)
    4. If you are applying for a full or partial fellowship, kindly submit: i)a request for a fellowship; ii) a copy of your personal /family income statement or your salary slip.
    5. If your organization is ready to sponsor your participation in the Master’s programme, you will be asked to submit an official letter confirming your organization’s: i) readiness to cover the cost of your participation in the Master’s programme (tuition/accommodation costs); ii) permission to take leave from your job duties for the period of your stay in Turin during the face-to-face learning component of the Master’s programme.


Important: Only complete application forms will be considered during the candidate selection process.


When is the deadline for submitting my application for the 13th edition (2018/19)?


 You are expected to submit your application form, duly filled in, together with the requested documents no later than 10 September 2018.


What are the pre-requisites for admission to the Master’s programme?


 You should hold a Bachelor’s degree obtained through a course that lasted at least three years or a Master’s degree in public administration, engineering, law and social sciences or related discipline.


    1. You must demonstrate a working knowledge of the English language.


What are the selection criteria for the Master’s programme?

The selection criteria take into consideration your education and professional profile as well as your self-financial potential. On your application form, you are kindly requested to indicate the portion of the tuition fee and full board that you are able to finance.


Are there any scholarships available?


A number of sponsors have earmarked a limited amount (only on part of the tuition fees) of financial assistance to facilitate the participation of deserving candidates who are unable to meet the full tuition plus accommodation costs. You are therefore expected to finance your own participation as far as possible.


On your application form, you are kindly asked to indicate whether you can:


    1. Pay the full tuition fees and full bed and breakfast accommodation at the ITCILO campus, namely €14,050
    2. pay the full tuition fees, namely € 8,500
    3. pay part of the tuition fees, specifying the amount



When can I expect to learn the outcome of the selection process?


The selection process takes place by mid September 2018.


If you are one of the selected participants, you will receive an acceptance letter from the Master Scientific Committee one month after your online registration.


 About the Master’s Degree



Once I have been enrolled for the Master’s programme, which documents do I need to bring with me to Turin?


In order to register at the University of Turin, you need to bring the following documents with you to Turin:


  • The original of your university degree (it will be given back to you after registration)
  • A certified copy of your university degree and academic transcripts (Legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affaris/Education) translated into Italian (You have to ask for this at the Italian Embassy/Consulate of the country in which your degree was awarded. Please note than the translation should be done by an official translator from the Embassy. The Embassy should provide you with the list of official translators.)
  • A Declaration of Value (“dichiarazione di valore in loco”) of your university degree (only). You have to ask for this at the Italian Embassy/Consulate of the country in which your degree was awarded. Providing a “Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco” is a normal Consular procedure.



Important: Obtaining these documents is a lengthy process; once you receive the acceptance letter, you should apply for them immediately.


What kind of academic degree I will obtain upon completion of this Master’s programme?


Upon completion of the Master’s programme, you will be awarded a First Level Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development (“Master Universitario di Primo Livello”) by the niversity of Turin.


A University Master is a course of high specialization for an academic improvement and enhancement in a specific content area, in order to provide graduate students with advanced education and training for highly qualified professions in specific sectors. It provides a minimum of 60 university training credits (the equivalent of 1500 hours of study).

There are two Master's, level I and level II.

The only difference between them is the educational background and academic qualification required: to enrol on a level I Master's you need a bachelor degree; while for a level II Master's you already need a post-graduate degree. 


How can I obtain recognition of this academic qualification in my country of origin?


Italian or foreign holders of Italian higher education degrees who wish to have them recognized abroad are advised to apply directly:


in Italy, to the cultural section of the embassies of the countries concerned. Foreign embassies often provide information on the education system in their country. They may also offer such services as legalization of translations from Italian into their national languages.

    1. in the foreign countries of your choice, to the national information centres, about how to obtain recognition.



Living in Turin and Accommodation on Campus


What does the cost of bed and breakfast accommodation at the ITCILO campus cover?


Bed and Breakfast accommodation at the ITCILO campus costs € 5,550. It covers the cost of a single room and breakfast only (no lunch and no dinner)



Accommodation outside the ITCILO campus


If you don’t stay on the ITCILO campus, you can find accommodation in central Turin. A single room (breakfast excluded) costs about 500/600 euros per month.


Please visit Turin University’s accommodation web pages:












Email' contacts:









Important: In order to find a location from which it is easy to reach the ITCILO campus, you need to make your booking as soon as possible after receiving your acceptance letter.




Training facilities and Internet connections



During the face-to-face learning phase, lectures will be held in classrooms equipped with all necessary training facilities and wi-fi.


You room (on campus) also has an Internet connection via cable and wi-fi.


There is a computer room with Internet connections, open 24 hours a day, in the campus reception area.



Can I bring my family?


No assistance with obtaining visas or facilities is provided by the ITCILO for family members/friends wishing to stay in Italy during a participant’s period of study at the ITCILO campus.


If you want your family/friends to visit you while you are in Turin, you should arrange their visas, travel and accommodation yourself.



From which date is the cost of my stay at the ITCILO campus covered by the bed and breakfast accommodation fee?


According to ITCILO rules, the bed and breakfast accommodation starts the day before (normally a Sunday) the beginning of the course and ends the day after the end of the course (normally a Saturday).


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