Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

This programme is unique in its comprehensive coverage of the four pillars needed for effective operation of national public procurement systems as defined by the OECD. The learning content is multidisciplinary, ranging from international legal obligations to economic theory foundations of PP. New and evolving topics in public procurement are also explored: sustainable procurement, e-procurement and public-private partnerships. Emphasis is placed on practical work and case studies related to planning, market research functions as well as in managing the overall spectrum of tendering and contract management activities. This master incorporates a module on soft skills designed to enhance participants' interpersonal skills, especially in contract negotiations and conflict resolution. Professional codes of conduct are explored as well as systems for prevention and detection of fraud/corruption.

Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

Deadline for application: 10 September 2018

Starting date: 08 October 2018


08 October 2018 - 08 October 2019


Master Information

Deadline for application: 10 September 2018

Starting date: 08 October 2018


08 October 2018 - 08 October 2019


Course Structure

The programme has three parts:

  • Distance learning over the Internet
  • Face-to-face learning at the ITC-ILO Campus in Turin
  • Preparation and submission of the final dissertation from home


Part I - Distance Learning

The Distance learning period (08 October 2018 - 25 January 2019) is designed to impart to the participants the necessary grounding in the key learning disciplines of the Master namely:

• Introduction to the legal framework for public procurement

• Introduction to procurement management

• Introduction to economics of public procurement

Part II - Face to Face

The second part consists of face-to-face learning: lessons will be held in Turin at the ITC-ILO campus  from 28 January 2019 until 31 May 2019. Attendance of classes is compulsory. This is the core period

of instruction, incorporating application work and group/individual solutions of assignments.

During this part participants will study 22 compulsory “core themes” covering the expanded contents of the Three Learning disciplines of the Master as follows:

1. International Legal instruments governing PP (WTO, EU, UNCITRAL, WB, COMESA)

2. Institutional models for PP and integration with Public Expenditure Management

3. Economics of Procurement Management, game theory and reverse auctions

4. Companies’ Balance Sheet analysis and financial reporting standards 5. Procurement Process, Project cycle and risk management

6. Procurement methods

7. Intellectual Property issues related to Public Procurement

8. Public Procurement in the Health sector

9. Procurement Management of Supply Contracts

10. Procurement Managemen for Services

11. Works Procurement Management

12. Procurement of Consultancy services

13. Procurement in the Utilities sector and Defence Procurement

14. Procurement remedies (bidders’complaints procedures)

15. Contract Law and Dispute settlement

16. Supply Chain Management: Logistics, Insurance Policies and Incoterms Legal framework and Economics of Public Private Partnerships

17. Legal framework and Economics of Public Private Partnerships

18. Sustainable procurement: social, economic and environmental considerations in public procurement

19. Advanced Contract Management

20. Fraud and Corruption in Public Procurement

21. Procurement Audit

22. E-Procurement (Legal issues and implementation models)


Part III - Final Dissertation


The third part is the preparation and submission of a final dissertation. Participants are required to carry out individual research and submit the final dissertation on a selected procurement topic, under the guidance of their supervisor. The outline of the final dissertation is to be presented in Turin by 31 May 2019 and is to be completed before the end of October 2019.

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