Selection and recruitment of consultants for World Bank-funded projects

Selection and recruitment of consultants for World Bank-funded projects

Selection and recruitment of consultants for World Bank-funded projects

2–6 December 2019
The course is available in pусский (брошюра)

This course is designed to improve the abilities of borrowers' staff and public procurement personnel in applying the World Bank Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects after 1 July 1 2016, and related standard requests for proposals (SRFP) in the areas of consultancy assignment selection, recruitment, and supervision. Each presentation is followed by practical assignments and/or group work to find solutions to typical procurement problems associated with consultancy contracts.

Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include interactive presentations and group exercises

High-level resources

Receive guidance from academic consultants and private sector practitioners

Proven procedures

This course balances theoretical and practical work for success

Who attends this course?
  • Project directors
  • Procurement staff of projects funded by international financial institutions
  • Trainers of procurement staff
What topics does this course cover?
  • Overview of procurement in World Bank financed projects
  • Estimating cost and budget of consultancy assignments
  • Evaluation of technical proposals by tender/proposal committees
  • Systems for detection and prevention of fraud and corruption
What will I learn and what will I be able to do?

Course participants will be able to competently plan and carry out procurement management functions for the selection and recruitment of consultants using the procedures of the respective funding agencies with particular reference to those of the World Bank and its Standard Request for Proposal and contract documents.

Why should I join?

The course is delivered by senior procurement advisors and consultants from the World Bankand ITC-ILO. The course is conducted using a highly- participative training delivery methodology through a combination of interactive presentations by subject-matter specialists followed by selfassessment exercises, individual and group assignments intended to facilitate the practical application of IFIs’ guidelines. Solution and analysis of case studies is emphasised as an World Bank-funded projects principal technique for measurement of learning achievement and attainment of prescribed exit competencies. Individual guidance is provided,upon request, to help participants to troubleshoot procurement-related problems on their projects. Each participant is encouraged to bring along a copy of the Loan Agreement, the Project Procurement Strategy for Development and a “Request for Proposal” document related to his/her project for reference throughout the course.

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