2022 Labour Market Statistics & Analysis e-Learning Academy: Road to the 21st ICLS

2022 Labour Market Statistics & Analysis e-Learning Academy: Road to the 21st ICLS

2022 Labour Market Statistics & Analysis e-Learning Academy: Road to the 21st ICLS

7 Novembro–9 Dezembro 2022
O curso está disponível em English
Apresentação do Academia

Strong statistical systems that collect, produce, and disseminate high quality labour market information remain critical for evidence-based policies that promote "full and productive employment and decent work for all". The demand for statistical data is high and always evolving. It is particularly urgent in countries where existing systems do not allow for regular production of timely, reliable and relevant work and labour market statistics. The innovative statistical standards set by the 19th and 20th ICLSs on work statistics and statistics on work relationships are crucial for the overarching goal of achieving decent work. Implementing these standards will greatly contribute to monitoring progress towards the achievement of the SDGs. Their relevance for monitoring of labour markets during normal times and crises has already been proven in many countries across the world. After almost 100 years of expertise in setting standards in labour statistics, the 21st ICLS, to be held in 2023, will address the new challenges posed during the last years. Changes in the world of work, and the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, have pressured statistical systems. They have had to innovate to produce new and better indicators to measure labour market realities and implement resilient methods of data collection. With these recent developments in mind, and in view of the 21st ICLS taking place in 2023, the ILO Department of Statistics and the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) are proud to offer the 2022 Labour Statistics and Analysis e-Learning Academy for data producers and users. The Academy offers a valuable opportunity to reflect on the ongoing challenges facing statistical systems and to learn about the latest developments in international statistical standards that are crucial for decent work promotion, post-pandemic recovery and pro-employment macro-economic growth. The Academy mainstreams gender equality throughout the content and emphasizes the equal participation of women and men.

Perfil dos participantes

National statistical offices (NSOs); ministries of labour and related Institutions (such as labour observatories); governmental agencies responsible for labour-market data analysis and national SDG reporting; ILO social partners (employers' and workers' organizations); research and academic institutions; international organizations; development agencies; non-governmental organizations.

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