Advanced Contract Management

Advanced Contract Management

Advanced Contract Management

10–14 Maio 2021
O curso está disponível em English
Apresentação do curso

The aim of this workshop is to build the capacity of procurement practitioners and project managers to assess contractual risks, develop plans for monitoring the performance of suppliers, contractors and consultants, and take corrective action in accordance with the relevant contractual clauses and overall provisions of the applicable contract law. The course also explores the theory of claims, claims assessment and settlement. Presentations are supported by practical assignments and/or group work to find solutions to typical problems arising during the management of procurement contracts.

Perfil dos participantes

Project directors, contract administration and procurement staff in national government services or development projects, staff of international financial institutions and the United Nations.

Why an advanced contract management course?

This one-week course will provide you with a close and practical exposure to the various supervision, performance-tracking, trend-analysis and reporting procedures typically used in contract administration of nationally-funded or IFI-funded procurement. It explains the underpinning principles for substantiation of claims and “burden of proof”, claim assessment and claim settlement as well as the importance of “contemporary documentary evidence” for claim-settlement purposes as well as claim-avoidance techniques. It draws your attention to key provisions of various insurance policies, labour law stipulations and occupational safety and health standards that need to be considered in contract management.

What will I be able to do?

You will be able to competently plan and carry out the various contract administration functions for successful delivery of works and services in accordance with the “scope”, “quality”, “time” and “money” provisions of the respective contracts, and recognised standards of professional practice. By the end of the course, you will also understand the intimate link between contract administration and successful project management including reporting with respect to accomplishment of project outputs and objectives.

What certification will I get as a successful candidate?

At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation issued by ITCILO.

Why should I join?

The course is delivered by ITCILO senior contract management specialists along-with consultants from academia and the private sector. It is conducted using a highly participative training delivery methodology through a combination of interactive presentations by subject-matter specialists followed by self-assessment exercises, individual and group assignments intended to facilitate the practical application of WB regulations. Presentation and explanation of typical content of sample contract administrative forms is also provided. Solution and analysis of assignments and case studies are emphasised as principal techniques for measurement of learning achievement and attainment of prescribed exit competencies. Specific guidance is provided, upon request, to help you to troubleshoot contract related problems on your projects.

These are the contents covered during the course:

  • Fundamentals of contract law
  • Specificity of contracts in World Bank funded projects
  • Nature and purpose of contract administration and its links to project management
  • Types of contracts
  • Elements of contract/terms and conditions
  • Types of contract risks and optimal risk allocation strategies
  • Contract administration: FIDIC types of contracts (turnkey, design&build, construction)
  • Contract administration procedures and sample forms for inspection, acceptance and warranties
  • Principles of preparation of claims and “burden of proof” aspects
  • Evaluation of contractors’ / consultants’ / suppliers’ claims and claim settlement
  • Alternative dispute resolution procedures
  • Management of meetings
  • Contract close-out

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