Building Back Better: Sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism

Building Back Better: Sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism (NEW)

Building Back Better: Sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism

17 Maio–11 Junho 2021
O curso está disponível em English
Apresentação do curso

In recent decades, tourism has become one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing economic sectors, and a major driver of jobs and growth. COVID-19 has dramatically changed this: the impact on tourism enterprises and workers, the majority of whom are young women and men, is unprecedented. The course focuses re-establishing a better, more sustainable, responsible and inclusive form of tourism. Supported by their tutors, participants will draw up concrete, practical guidelines to be applied in their local contexts. Special attention is paid to ensuring that the recovery of the tourism industry includes and benefits vulnerable populations. The course is highly practical, as participants are guided by tutors and coaches to apply what they are learning to their specific contexts, in response to the following guided questions: 1) how do you reactivate tourism safely using a sustainable, responsible and inclusive approach? 2) how do you rebuild a sustainable and responsible form of tourism that responds best to the challenges of COVID-19?; and 3) how do you promote and provide a sustainable and responsible form of tourism that better responds to changes in demand resulting from COVID-19?

Perfil dos participantes

National and local government officials responsible for supporting tourism; private-sector operators in the tourism industry; development practitioners supporting the tourism industry; public and private stakeholders promoting sustainable tourism; ILO constituents and members of academia

How is the course organized?

It consists of three modules. Each module contains texts, exercises and questionnaires. Participants can learn from any location, at any time of the day or night, as the course is delivered via distance learning. Participants will be asked to comment on specific topics and to complete questionnaires and tasks related to the different modules.

In addition, three live sessions or webinars will be held (one for each module). These interactive sessions will focus on key issues of interest to participants and the presentation of practical group work. The live sessions and webinars will be conducted via videoconference.

Participants will have access to a collaborative platform on the ITC-ILO eCampus where they can access the course material and interact with tutors and participants.

What is the course content?

The course consists of the following three modules:

  • How to reactivate sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism safely?
  • How to develop a sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism experience that best meets the challenges of COVID-19?
  • How to promote and offer a sustainable, responsible and inclusive tourism product that best responds to the changes in demand due to COVID-19?
What will I learn in the course?

Participants will improve their knowledge:

  • Recovery plans and measures and good practices for the resilience of tourism companies to adapt to the reality of COVID-19
  • Development of sustainable and responsible tourism products that promote the participation of vulnerable segments of society in the sector
  • Tourism marketing strategies and the development of communication strategies in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Course target group

The course is offered to participants who represent:

  • Private sector operating in the tourism sector
  • Ministries of Tourism; Local and regional governments
  • Employers' and workers' organizations
  • Non-governmental organisations promoting tourism