Malkia - Women managers rise up: skilling for success

Malkia - Women managers rise up: skilling for success

Malkia - Women managers rise up: skilling for success

7 Novembro–9 Dezembro 2022
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Women line managers in companies, institutions and business organizations. Malkia is an orientation, learning and coaching package best suited for managers having team responsibilities. Women line managers from all regions of the world can benefit from Malkia.

Starting with the why

Despite some progress, women are still under-represented in leadership positions.

Unspoken rules and arrangements, work practices, and cultural norms govern workplace structures and gender dynamics. They have the potential to limit women’s career opportunities and undermine their experience at the workplace.

The problem is especially acute for women line managers, who play a crucial role in business operations on a daily basis as the leaders of their teams and as a liaison between staff and upper management. More often than not, it is at that level of their career that women get stuck, discouraged, or disempowered to climb the corporate ladder.

In a business world defined by complexity, disruption, and change, today’s most successful enterprises are those that bring diverse perspectives and experiences to each new challenge.

Along with being the right thing to do, empowering women offers a strategic advantage, especially at the management and leadership levels.

What can we do about it?

Malkia is a mobile tool that helps women succeed by:

  • Giving advice and guiding women managers, like a mentor
  • Breaking the code of gender bias to foster awareness and assertiveness
  • Facilitating an interactive and practice-oriented skills journey
  • Providing a safe space to prepare for daily management challenges

With Malkia, women learn to master key managerial skills and gain confidence in their own skills, employability, and role as managers.

Four key ingredients
  • Orientation: Information on gender biases at the workplace and self-assessment tool
  • Learning: Interactive learning modules on key managerial skills and opportunities to practice through simulations
  • Coaching: Personal action planning, guidance, and tips
  • Resources: A library to go deeper, a video playlist to get inspired, and access to a community of peers
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App-based and fully-mobile

This fully-mobile course is available on the ITCILO eCampus app.

It mixes training methodologies and technology to create an engaging experience for learners.

Are you a woman manager?

Take advantage of Malkia’s hands-on approach with this course (est. 20 learning hours), which mixes:

  • 5 self-paced learning modules on gender biases and core soft skills for line managers

  • 3 live webinars to go deeper and exchange views on key women's empowerment issues

  • 2 operational coaching sessions to develop autonomy in resolving challenges

Find out how you can make a difference at work for you and your team!


Join Malkia for a five-week ITCILO online course, from 10 October to 11 November 2022.

A limited number of fellowships are available for representatives of Employers' and Business Member Organizations.

Contact us for more information.

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