STATA for labour market analysis

STATA for labour market analysis

STATA for labour market analysis

27–31 Julho 2020
O curso está disponível em English

The ILO offers this training course to help analysts and statisticians harness the power of STATA, an easy-to-use tool for labour market analysis. Expert trainers provide practical tips for constructing and interpreting key indicators. Through a participatory learning process, participants work with real data and, ultimately, become proficient in STATA.

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Key features
High-level resources

Learn from ITCILO trainers and ILO specialists

Proven procedures

This course is based on ILO-recognized strategies and standards

Selective process

Participants must have work experience in the field

Practical tool

STATA is easy to use and popular all over the world

Apresentação do curso

This course aims to equip national and international stakeholders with the necessary skills to use STATA statistical software for analysing the labour market in evidence-based policy-making, including the SDGs and decent work indicators.

Perfil dos participantes

Statisticians and analysts from national statistical offices, ministries of labour and related institutions (such as labour observatories) and other government agencies responsible for labour-market data analysis and national SDG reporting; research and academic institutions; international organizations; development agencies; non-government organizations.

What topics does this course cover?

Participants use STATA not only to improve data management, visualization, and analysis, but also to advocate for evidence-based policymaking.

  • Labour market
  • Labour statistics
  • Decent work
What will I learn?

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and collaborate with an international cohort.

  • STATA basics, such as importing data and running commands
  • The impact of policies and programmes on outcomes
  • Why the 19th ICLS resolution on work statistics is crucial for decent work indicators
What will I be able to do?

Participants that take this course become proficient in STATA and can start using it right away.

  • Derive labour force indicators in STATA
  • Estimate informal employment and the probability of unemployment
  • Prepare, describe, and analyze real labour force data
Why should I join?

As data availability increases, analysts and statisticians are upgrading their skills.

  • STATA is a powerful, user-friendly tool that is popular worldwide.
  • Lectures by experts are followed by small group and individual exercises.
  • The methodology encourages learning by doing and knowledge-sharing.

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