Knowledge management


Knowledge management

Sharing knowledge across the globe, in real time

Our vision of the future of learning and training

Harnessing digital tech to connect people around the world

In recent years, we’ve expanded our offer for evidence-based decision makers. We want to help you strategize and use the right approaches to promote decent work around the world.

Our approach

From digital learning and collaboration technology to connecting global stakeholders, we facilitate information exchange between teams and people. 

Our training materials use data collection and analysis to provide intuitive and actionable results. We maintain low barriers to access while respecting people’s privacy and security. And we tailor solutions to our partners’ specific needs.

What types of solutions does the Centre offer?

These solutions may relate to a theme, like COVID-19 mitigation strategies for small- and medium-sized enterprises, or designed for a group of practitioners, like development cooperation specialists. They may be a single tool, like an online community of practice, or comprise complex projects, like the development of IT-based monitoring and evaluation systems.